Well, what did you think I looked like?

Well, what did you think I looked like?
It was a late night!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Today I am an Idiot.....

.....Four months after giving up smoking yet again, I got myself into such a state over my revision that I gave in and bought some!!! I am disgusted with my lack of willpower but a lot calmer.

Dinner was fantastic. After waiting for what seemed like hours to sign on, one person on the desks and 20 waiting to sign and some stupid young girl making the guys life a misery; I finally got out and made the mistake of popping in for some cream, £20 later and deeply depressed I headed for home to start cooking.

Steamed Pak Choi, sautéed fine green beans; roast potatoes and chicken breasts stuffed with sage and onion, wrapped in the last of the dry cured ham and  covered in a delicious onion; mushroom and tarragon, white wine and cream sauce.

Totally delicious!

After that it all went pear shaped after I decided to get on with the test paper I needed to get done. I hate this particular course, I am sure others find it easy; but anything with maths in it is a disaster for me, I cannot cope with numbers and although I am very good at spreadsheets the functions themselves are a nightmare if they are too complicated. More fool me. I asked Son#1 the math genius to double check my work, he huffed and puffed like I am a moron cos he was playing some stupid game on the computer: and the next thing we are in an almighty row, both kids involved and me shutting myself in my room. Five minutes later I am at the shop buying smokes.

Maybe I should stick to gardening and cooking, at least I am good at those; not many jobs you can get though without qualifications in those areas, which is what got me on this blasted IT course in the first place.
I wish today I was Einstien...............

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