Well, what did you think I looked like?

Well, what did you think I looked like?
It was a late night!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

I am Mr Softy.........

The ice cream guy.

Its been a hectic week , hence the lack of posts and the weather has be so variable not much has been done at the allotment.
However, today the weather was lovely so off we went and got on with acres of weeding that needed doing; after that it was back home for the football ( of course!!!!).
This week I have discovered home made ice cream, not something I imagined I would make because I really only like chocolate ice cream; so why bother?
It all started with a post on ice cream in a bag. After that and one of my epic meanderings on-line I found a blog by David Lebovitz and I was off.
I don't own an ice cream maker, so it was the old fashioned freezer method for me; although I have fashioned a makeshift churner from a large pasta tin, with a smaller coffee tin inside ( worked really well too); but the freezer proved easier and more convenient.
So far we have had chocolate chip sorbet, vanilla with shredded chocolate gelato; and I have a nice raspberry ripple and mint chocolate chip prooving as we speak, made with handfuls of fresh mint from the garden. Any more taste testing and there wont be any left to freeze!!!
The boys are loving it, especially the grown up flavours. Tomorrow I shall get some more milk, and make chocolate chili ice cream and maybe some coffee flavour......with chocolate in it somehow, I am sure by now you get my fixation with chocolate.
I will try and get a quick photo of them before they either melt or get grabbed and eaten.

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