Well, what did you think I looked like?

Well, what did you think I looked like?
It was a late night!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

I am an Ice Cream Maniac!!!!

As usual when I find a new thing, I do it........to death: and this home made Ice cream business is as addictive as any of my other 'new thangs'.
In my defence however who knew it was sooo easy? and cheap!
I am after all on a very tight budget and supposed to be losing weight, but chocolate is my downfall. Especially ice cream, with a dowsing of double cream ( I know, I know...). The fact that I have learned to make a non-lumpy custard base from scratch is enough to fascinate me, but aside from the eggs; milk and sugar; all of which I have to buy anyway, it's amazing how many flavours you can make just from stuff you have in the cupboard and garden. Chocolate of course has proved the most expensive, a LARGE bar of bournville is a must cos I like my chocolate rich and dark; but even just made with nesquick it comes out a nice milk choc treat for the kids; with added grated chocolate instead of expensive choc chips.

so far I have made in two days alone:

  • Chocolate chip for the kids, nesquick style
  • Vanilla with tiny, tiny pieces of shredded chocolate; and a touch of cinnamon.
  • Raspberry Ripple, just plain vanilla with runny raspberry jam.
  • Mint choc chip, fresh mint leaves from the garden and grated dark choc.
  • Chocolate with ginger and chilli ( a whole bar of bournville, super rich and the best yet)
  • Cappacino
  • Lime sorbet ( used up all the egg whites I have left)
  • Honey and Ginger
  • Chocolate sorbet, again a whole bar of bournville; but I would have bought one and eaten it anyway so ice cream was a good compromise.
Too much?

possibly, but who cares; each tub is just over 500ml, that would cost at the very least a £5 if it was Hagaan Daaz and this tastes SO much better.
we managed to get some waffle cones from Tesco this morning, seeing as in Britain waffle irons are few and expensive; but this afternoon we will be attempting home made cones, a sort of cross between a crepe and a waffle type; after all, i need something to hold all this ice cream we have!

Who knows what flavour we will come up with next? already tinned pears, lychees and others are springing to mind;( when I ran out of ingredients last night, we even considered carrot and broad bean; it was definitely time for bed). Roll on pay day.

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