Well, what did you think I looked like?

Well, what did you think I looked like?
It was a late night!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

why do we do it?

..Blogging that is.
I have to say, this has to be probably my 5th attempt at a blog; and as I start again from scratch after another sleepless night, in the back of my mind I am wondering yet again; 'why do I bother?'.
So far, I have been unable to maintain the interest or discipline to continue for longer than a few weeks; and in some cases a few posts, be it because I simply forgot; got bored, or refused to believe anyone could be interested in my inane ramblings and saw blogging as somewhat narcissistic!
Sometimes I have started a blog to catalogue a project, but this is always dangerous in my case, as my projects are often short lived; always have been. I am a butterfly minded, jack-of-all trades; master of nothing, plagued by lack of talent; lack of direction and lack of motivation. Any minor talents I may have, have over the years been reduced to 'hobbies' instead of being developed into useful career goals; and 15 years of single-motherhood and unemployment has drained any modicum of self confidence I may have initially owned.
And so to the title of the blog...'who am I today?'....... well this is a question I ask myself every morning as I open my eyes and prepare to start the day. 

 Fave Author T.Pratchett's adaptation of 'Going Postal' is on Sky1 tonight 6pm, been looking forward to this one as 'Going Postal' and 'Making Money' are firm favourites, gotta love a book with a character called 'Moist Van Lipwig'.
Of course this will mean I will have to re-read the book, again despite re-reading it a few weeks ago to re-familiarise myself with the plot line, as if I needed to re-familiarise myself with a book I have read upwards of 20 times at least, I may have to be Adora Belle Dearheart today, even though i feel more like acting postmaster Groat after a sleepless night again.

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